construction tools


Ground Screw are used to prevent the shocks by providing the electrical path. They make the work easier because there is no need to dig the ground.  They are easily installed by taking only 5 or less minutes. These screws are erosion free that’s why they can be easily installed in any weather. The biggest advantage of using these screws is that they are re-usable e.g. can be reused easily more than one time. Ground screws usually consist of 10 inches per 32 wires or threads. Installation of ground screw is also every easy as we can easily hook the loop of wires around the light fitting and tightens it so that it can fix at the right place. If the wire in it not attached at the right place it will give us the shocks otherwise it will not. It is necessarily needed to each of the equipment must be attached to the ground, otherwise it will causes the device a damage. It will prevents all the shocks by creating a path of conducting where the piling contractors in Melbourne is used to transfer the load and the material at the deepest level and the screw anchors help for holding light because they help you to holds the objects vertically .Different object can be hanged vertically such a s mirror or lights on the different shelves. The ground screw prevents shocks that helps the piling contractor to dig deep the ground on which the building may stand easily. Ground screws and the Screw anchors are similar but in contrast in ground screw we use more steel than the screw anchors. Moreover they are   easily installed by using handheld tools then then mechanical instruments but as the handheld tools used so the consumes more time than the ground screws.


Piling contractor gave the base to stand the building on it. They provide the base so that the building will long last. They minimize the risk of collapses by distributing the weights. The piling must be done about  30 mm  on a solid surface and about 130 to 150 mm above the surface the  piling must be finished. The process that is used for piling called bored piling process in which we vertically creates the holes with piling machine and filled it with the concrete.


Anchor means a support for material to hang them vertically. Screw anchors used to hang the objects vertically like mirrors and light or some heavy objects on the wall without any use of the stud. An anchor is not necessarily hold on the wall they are needed when we want to hang any object. They always not located on wall. They can be pulled off sooner or later, or when they are not needed. While using the anchor we must keep the weight of anchor. If the wall is about 1/2 inches than the weight of anchor is about 30 pound. Please visit for more information.